By | January 17, 2023
Monica Amekoafia

Have you ever wondered why the Volta Region people of Ghana are called the number 9? It has become a common name that even radio and TV presenters use when referring to the people of Volta Region. More so, those who do not understand this nickname conclude it as an insult. However, the name ‘number 9’ in actual fact, is a compliment in disguise. Let me tell you why.

In the year 1957( the year Ghana attained Independence), was the very year  the first  Miss Ghana Beauty Pageantry was held. You all know each region presents a contestant to represent them. The Volta Regional representative was by name Madam Monica  Amekoafia. Madam Monica was 23 years by then and she was the contestant number 9.  She displayed great character, courage, intelligence and beauty. She was eventually crowned the winner of the first ever Miss Ghana Beauty Contest in that year (1957).

It was her contestant number ‘9’ that brought about the name number 9 to the people of Volta Region.

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