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Poppo Live App, Features, Commission and Payouts

Are you ready to be part of an exciting opportunity? Poppo Live is hiring agents from all around the world, and it’s as simple as bringing in 10 talented female live streamers and having the skills to manage them. Don’t wait any longer – start your journey by creating a Poppo Live Agency and earn… Read More »

3 mobile phone apps that pay you ($) daily/weekly.

There are mobile phones apps that pay you ($) daily/weekly at the comfort of your home. These apps pay you for completing some daily tasks. Normally, payments are in US dollars. The interesting thing about these apps is , money earned can be withdrawn through mobile money or payoneer account, which is an easy way… Read More »

How Much Would a 5000 Loan Cost per Month in South Africa?

Taking out a loan can be a helpful way to finance a variety of needs, from unexpected expenses to home renovations. However, before you commit to a loan, it’s important to understand the costs involved, particularly the monthly repayment amount. In South Africa, the cost of a 5000 loan can vary depending on several factors,… Read More »

How much interest does Capitec charge on loans?

Capitec Bank offers a range of loan options, but navigating the world of interest rates can be confusing. This article sheds light on the varying rates you might encounter when considering a Capitec loan, helping you make informed financial decisions. First things first: Capitec doesn’t have a single, universal interest rate for all loans. Your… Read More »

Who Qualifies for a Student Loan in South Africa?

Higher education holds the key to personal and professional growth, but the financial burden can feel like a locked door for many South Africans. Thankfully, student loans exist to bridge the gap and make your educational dreams a reality. But who gets to hold the key to these loans? Citizenship and Enrolment: First things first,… Read More »

Demystifying Loans: Your Guide to Qualifying for a Capitec Loan

Whether you’re dreaming of a home renovation, a new car, or simply need a financial boost, a Capitec loan could be the key to unlocking your goals. But before you get carried away, understanding the qualification criteria is crucial for a smooth journey. This guide will break down the steps and requirements, equipping you with… Read More »

Does Capitec offer student loans in South Africa?

Higher education can be a dream, but the reality often comes with a hefty price tag. When exploring financial aid options in South Africa, Capitec’s name might pop up. But does this popular bank offer traditional student loans for any university or course? The answer is both yes and no, with some important specifics to… Read More »

Absa group limited contact details

Knowing how to reach out to Absa Group Limited is essential for customers, investors, media professionals, and anyone seeking information about the bank’s operations. Contacting Absa Group Limited To effectively engage with Absa Group Limited, it’s imperative to be familiar with its contact details. The registered business address is on the 7th Floor, Absa Towers… Read More »

List of all Banks in South Africa

South Africa boasts a robust and diverse banking sector, catering to the financial needs of individuals, businesses, and investors. Here is a list of commercial banks in the country categorized into locally controlled, cooperative, foreign-controlled, mutual, and state-owned banks. Locally Controlled Banks Cooperative Banks South Africa Reserve Bank registers the following cooperative banks: Foreign-Controlled Banks:… Read More »

Applying for Wonga Loans: Easy Steps and Transparent Terms

From all the options you have in terms of money lenders, Wonga stands out as a reliable provider of short-term credit, offering an easy and transparent process for those needing quick cash. This article will guide you through applying for Wonga loans, ensuring you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.… Read More »