Bursaries Available For Students In 2024

By | December 31, 2023

Don’t let financial worries clip your wings! Numerous bursaries are available to students like you, ready to fuel your educational journey.

Below is a list of some bursaries available for 2024, relax and carefully read about this bursaries so you can find one that aligns with your career goals.

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This article unveils a treasure trove of opportunities, from big-name brands like Coca-Cola and Mercedes to dedicated programs like Funza Lushaka and NSFAS.

Coca-Cola Bursary: Refresh your studies with this bursary designed to support aspiring students. It’s the perfect recipe for a brighter future!

Funza Lushaka Bursary: Nurture your passion for teaching with this dedicated program for future educators. Invest in your education and shape the future of South African education!

NSFAS Bursary: This cornerstone of financial support empowers students across the country. Don’t miss out on this crucial step towards achieving your academic goals!

GCRA Bursary: Build a brighter future with the GCRA Bursary. This program uplifts talented individuals by providing financial support, especially for those seeking opportunities in Gauteng.

ISFAP Bursary: Bridge the financial gap with the ISFAP Bursary. If you come from a low-income family, this opportunity can pave the way for your academic success.

Multichoice Bursary: Connect with a world of possibilities through the Multichoice Bursary. Explore your dreams in media, technology, and related fields!

Mercedes Bursary: Drive your dreams with education! The Mercedes Bursary empowers aspiring engineers, technicians, and business professionals to become part of automotive excellence.

UNISA Bursary: Open the doors to distance education with the UNISA Bursary. Make quality education accessible for all, regardless of location.

Ithuba Bursary: Bet on your education with the Ithuba Bursary. This trusted organization offers financial support to help you pursue your academic dreams.

Funza Lushaka Bursary Application 2023 Online: Be proactive and secure your bursary for the year ahead. This online application streamlines the process, giving you a head start on your educational journey.

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SITFE Bursary 2024: Invest in your talent with the SITFE Bursary. This program supports students in the sugar industry, unlocking opportunities for growth and development.

Ngodwana Energy Bursary: Power your education with the Ngodwana Energy Bursary. This program targets students interested in studies related to energy and sustainability.

Emalahleni Local Municipality Bursary: Tap into local support with the Emalahleni Local Municipality Bursary. This program empowers deserving students to achieve their educational goals.

MISA Bursary 2024: Advance your skills in information technology with the MISA Bursary. If you’re passionate about IT, propel yourself into the digital future!

Inscape Scholarship: Unleash your creative potential with the Inscape Scholarship. This opportunity opens doors for those aspiring to pursue studies in design, marketing, and related disciplines.

Enel Bursary: Energize your educational dreams with the Enel Bursary. This program is perfect for students passionate about the energy sector.

SAWISE Angus Scholarship: Empower yourself as a woman in science with the SAWISE Angus Scholarship. If you are a female student with a passion for these fields, consider applying!

MISA Bursary: Municipal Infrastructure Support Agent Bursary: Contribute to the development of local communities with this focused bursary opportunity.

Vbkom Bursary: Mine educational excellence with the Vbkom Bursary. This program is tailor-made for students aspiring to excel in the mining and engineering sectors.

Hollywoodbets Bursary: Don’t miss out on the Hollywoodbets Bursary! This program provides financial support to students pursuing various fields of study.

SANZAF Zakah Bursary: Contribute to the community and pursue your education with the SANZAF Zakah Bursary. Explore this opportunity and become part of their mission to support education.

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Services SETA Bursary: Contribute to the growth of the services sector with the Services SETA Bursary. Pursue studies that enhance your skills and benefit the nation.

Morton and Partners Bursary: Become a leader in healthcare with the Morton and Partners Bursary. This program invests in medical education and helps you excel in the medical field.

High School Bursary Application for 2024: Don’t wait! Explore available bursary opportunities while in high school and build a strong foundation for your future studies. Start your application process early to maximize your chances of securing financial support.

EY Bursary: Unlock your professional potential with the EY Bursary. This program empowers students to build successful careers in the professional services industry.

Hexagon Bursary: Shape the future of innovation with the Hexagon Bursary. This program targets students interested in technology, engineering, and related fields.

Hexagon Trust Bursary: Trust in your educational excellence with the Hexagon Trust Bursary. This opportunity provides financial support to promising students in various fields.

As you embark on your educational journey in 2024, remember that a world of possibilities awaits. Don’t let financial constraints dim your dreams.

Explore the diverse bursary options available, take proactive steps, and seize the opportunity to make your academic aspirations a reality.

With dedication, hard work, and the support of these invaluable bursaries, you can soar to new heights and achieve your full potential.