Access Trust Bursary

Access Trust Bursary is an important program that individuals in South Africa need to know about. This bursary provides financial assistance to students who are unable to afford the costs of higher education. By understanding the Access Trust Bursary, students can have access to the necessary funds to pursue their dreams and achieve their academic goals.

Access Trust Bursary

The Access Trust Bursary is a program designed to support financially disadvantaged students in South Africa. It aims to bridge the gap between the cost of education and the financial resources available to students. This bursary covers various expenses such as tuition fees, accommodation, textbooks, and other study-related costs. It is open to students from all fields of study, including arts, sciences, commerce, and engineering.

The benefits of the Access Trust Bursary are numerous. Firstly, it provides financial relief to students who may otherwise be unable to afford the costs of higher education. This allows them to focus on their studies without the burden of financial stress. Secondly, the bursary promotes equal access to education by providing opportunities to students from disadvantaged backgrounds. It helps to level the playing field and ensures that talented individuals have the chance to pursue their academic aspirations.


1. How can I apply for the Access Trust Bursary?

To apply for the Access Trust Bursary, you need to visit their official website and complete the online application form. Make sure to provide all the required information and supporting documents. The application period usually opens at a specific time each year, so it’s important to stay updated and submit your application within the specified timeframe.

2. Who is eligible for the Access Trust Bursary?

The Access Trust Bursary is available to South African citizens who come from financially disadvantaged backgrounds. Applicants must have a strong academic record and be accepted or enrolled in a recognized tertiary institution in South Africa. Each year, the bursary program may have specific eligibility criteria, so it’s essential to review the requirements before applying.

3. How are bursary recipients selected?

The selection process for the Access Trust Bursary is based on various factors, including academic performance, financial need, and personal circumstances. The bursary committee carefully reviews each application and assesses the applicant’s potential for success. Shortlisted candidates may be invited for an interview or additional assessments before the final selection is made.

4. What expenses does the Access Trust Bursary cover?

The Access Trust Bursary covers a range of expenses related to education, including tuition fees, accommodation, textbooks, study materials, and sometimes even a living allowance. However, the specific coverage may vary depending on the available funds and the individual circumstances of each recipient.

5. Can I reapply for the Access Trust Bursary each year?

Yes, you can reapply for the Access Trust Bursary each year. However, the bursary is not automatically renewed, and you will need to meet the eligibility criteria and submit a new application for each academic year. It’s important to stay updated with the application deadlines and requirements to ensure your continued eligibility for the bursary.