3 mobile phone apps that pay you ($) daily/weekly.

By | December 29, 2023

There are mobile phones apps that pay you ($) daily/weekly at the comfort of your home. These apps pay you for completing some daily tasks.

Normally, payments are in US dollars. The interesting thing about these apps is , money earned can be withdrawn through mobile money or payoneer account, which is an easy way of withdrawing money online as compared to Paypal, which isn’t available in some countries. Continue reading to get info on these apps and how they can be used to make money.

1.Poppo Live

Poppo live is one of the hottest online money making apps right now. You make money by spending a few hours per day to complete certain tasks. Every task you complete builds up your points. Every 10,000 points equals 1$. However, you can only withdraw when you points reach a minimum of 100, 000 which is equivalent to 10$. Activities you can do to build up your points are playing games, chasing of fireworks, receiving treasure box which contains 40 coins (this can be collected 8 times).  

 You also stand the chance of making extra 1$ or 2$ when someone signs up for Poppo live through your link. Earnings can be withdrawn directly through your local bank account (this is applicable to Nigerians) ,MTN Mobile Money or Vodafone Cash .

How to start

1.To start using Poppo live and make money, simply download Poppo live on google playstore if you are an android user or Vone on apple app store if you are an IOS user and sign up.

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2. After signing up, complete your face verification which takes about a minute or two by tapping on the authentication button.

3. Tap on live. You will be made to upload a photo of yourself. Afterwards, complete a 1 hour live video session or task.

4. Go to reward in your profile after the live video to claim a reward of $1.

5. You have to also complete 2hours crown seat for 1600 coins reward. This should be done before 4pm. DON’T MISS THIS STEP.

NOTE: This is an online money making opportunity. It needs consistency, which is completing daily tasks to actually benefit from it. Visiting the app once or twice a week or a month is equal to not starting at all. Try to find time daily and explore the app, complete your tasks and earn big. THIS IS REAL.

Though Poppo live can be used by both male and female, I would recommend to the females the most since they only have to complete certain tasks, build up points and start cashing in less than a week. Males on the other hand may take more time to start benefitting from this app.

2. Volla App

This is another mobile phone app that pays you for completing some tasks. In volla, you select targets and complete tasks within a period of 1 month achieve the earnings of that particular target. Each target has specific number of diamonds you earn once the target is met. These specific diamonds have their amount of money equivalence once you are able to the achieve the targets. Below is a list of volla diamond targets and their earning equivalence.

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Wondering the tasks you can do to achieve your targets easily? Dont worry! The volla app, just like poppo live, has interesting games you can play to build up points(diamonds). Almost like having fun while making money. The more games you play, the more diamonds you get, which helps you meet your earning target faster.  

People are making about $1000 plus a month with Volla. Below is a prove of someone’s earning on Volla that is pending withdrawal.

volla earning

Volla has gained a number of users lately due to how helpful it has been in making money online.

3. Niki Live

Among the 3 apps for making money, this is by far the easiest one for me. Unlike poppo live and Volla, this app has straight-forward task to make money. You can make about $14 every week by just completing 2hours live video session in each day of the week.

This means you are paid $2 each day once you complete the live video session. Earnings are paid into your account at the end of the week. To get all the $14 per week, don’t miss out on the daily tasks.

To start making your money, simply download Nicki Live on google playstore or apple app store and sign up.

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