The easiest way to write a friendly letter(2021)

By | September 28, 2021
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Now one way of communicating to our friends back in the days and even still stays effective today was through the letter writing.  This aspect of letter writing many people saw it as an easy way compared to the other types of letter writing but mind you, it’s not all that easy especially when you deviate. On our previous post, the official letter was emphasized and much details were outlined.


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Friendly letters or unofficial letters are mainly written to friends in other schools, other towns and sometimes abroad which is referred to as the pen pal. So as the name implies, it requires you to type friendly conversation with the receiver who can sometimes be your closest friend. Unofficial language is somehow accepted here but not to that extent of assaults. For education sake, friendly letters too are advised to be neat in terms of language.


Now without wasting much of our time, let begin by looking at the necessary things needed for writing a perfect unofficial or friendly letter. Below are the steps in writing a friendly letter.

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  • The writer’s address.
  • The date depending on the location of the friend, if the friend is close to you, there is no need of a date but with the case of those overseas, it’s sometimes necessary to provide the date.
  • The salutation or Greeting.
  • Good introduction.
  • The main body and the main purpose of writing the letter.
  • The conclusion.
  • The subscription.


Now these listings above will be discussed one after the other in order for you to grab the whole concept with a clear understanding.


 The address

With the address in the friendly letter, it’s somehow close to that of the official letter. In some cases, the only difference is the way you will write it. For instance, a friendly letter address is not advised to take the form of full Capitalization. Moreover, you can decide to introduce punctuations as compared to the official letter where it’s mandatory to introduce punctuations.


Below is a sample of a friendly letter address;


         Apam Senior High School,

         P.O Box 29,



Now let move on with the date of which much emphasis won’t be thrown on here. For the date, only pen pal letters are advised to carry it. Do not add the date to a normal friendly letter address to someone in same school, locality, and country.


The Salutation

For the salutation, friendly letter’s way of saluting is far different from official letter. Unlike the official letter where you are mandated to use “dear”, “Mr”, “Mrs” and the other official titles, friendly letter allows you to use whatever you wish as your salutation. For instance; “Yo Kojo, Sup King, Hi Eunice” and the others.

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 The Introduction

The introduction of an unofficial letter is very easy compared to the introduction of the official letter where you just go straight to the point and supposedly you are writing for marks, your words are even limited. But for friendly letter, you are allowed to express yourself as to how you want it. Below is a short illustration;


“I am very much delighted to send you this letter my lovely friend. What’s up? How are things going with your studies. I learnt you topped your class in the just ended end of semester examination. I wasn’t surprised at all because I know how intelligent you are.  How’s mom and dad? My regards to them.”


You should also take note that, you can shorten words in a friendly letter and don’t forget to state the purpose of writing the letter in the second paragraph of the introduction.


The Main Body Or Purpose

This is where all the main information you want to put across in your letter comes in. In summary, the main reason of the letter. An ideal body of a letter must have at least three paragraphs. Each paragraph containing an idea or distinct information.


 The Conclusion

This part is always necessary. You need to summarize everything in the body here. As we told you before in the previous post that sometimes, not all people may be available to read the whole letter but will be only interested in briefing themselves with it and that’s the essence of the conclusion. You need to make a good conclusion.

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For example; “Hey Eunice, you know I wish I could write all the words in the world for you but you and I know it can’t be possible! I would like to end my long talk here. We’ll have an endless conversation when we meet again. Till then, be a good girl and stay out of trouble”.


Then you continue with the summarization from there. Summarization can only take a paragraph and nothing more.


The Subscription

The subscription of a friendly letter is also one of the easiest subscriptions. For official letter, you are sometimes forced to use “Yours faithfully” but in a friendly letter, you are required to use whatever subscription you want. For instance, “Your friend, Your love, It’s me, Your trust” and more others.


This brings us to the end of the friendly letter. We always advise our readers to keep practicing on sample letter writings to make them perfect. Practice they say makes perfect!


You should always do check up to see if we have made another post. Our next lesson will be on story writing and it’s going to be amazing. Stay tuned as we bring you more educational stuffs.

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