By | May 4, 2022


drag them
Slowly, slowly, drag them slowly
Drag the remnants slowly.
These were well-built men now mowed on the ground like grasses 
Executed by men motivated by authority,by men corrupted with money

Drag the half rotten remnants slowly,lest you pluck out the already weakened limbs out of their ball and sockets.
Their cadavers, a "peacemeal" for scavengers

This was meant to be a fair pursuit of power 
Attained by the endorsement of the majority
Now,here they are,blood-spilled and wasted on the floor  just to eradicate them from the race beforehand
Their happiness, a thing of the past.

Slowly,slowly,drag the half-chopped limbs  slowly
These were foreseen  visionary men with their ambitions overshadowed by despising rivals

Oh God!! Should men not dream big anymore?
Should men keep on envisaging greatness but wake up to see Sheol?
Men perpetuate despicable crimes against each other to earn authority
Honourable men put to waste time after time  at the expense of their families in the name of power.
We have been overwhelmed by a boulevard of misery.
Oh God! Deliver us from our own kind

photo by Ghana Must Go Studios

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