The easiest way to write a formal letter (2021).

By | September 19, 2021

As the world advances in every way and aspect of life, the education system also advances. How we used to write or read in the previous century is not the same as we do in this twenty first century. One area of study that most children admire and cherish but yet do have problems with is the English Language.

English Language is a world class language that everyone though is not mandated to learn but required to learn. Learning they say begins at home and so if a child will be able to write and read well, it all starts in the classroom from the basic level.

Due to the advancement of technology, some children and to be honest, most children prefer using something that displays information to them in a software form, and the phone is a classical example. Children find comfort in exploring content on the phone a lot.

In spite of this, has thought it wise to educate the children and even the youths on some very important aspect of the English Language.

In this article, formal letter is what will be centered on. It’s our sincere hope that after reading this whole article, you will be able to write a perfect formal letter.

Formal letter as the name implies is written officially to official people. Official people can be your headmaster, MP, Minister, Pastor and any other personnel in a reputable position. Writing a formal letter can be quite confusing because others mistake it to be informal and semi formal letters. To be able to know the real or best way of writing this kind of letter, then do follow this article.


Below are the list of the ingredients of a good formal letter;

*The writer’s address
*The Date
*The receiver’s address
*The Salutation or Greeting
*The Topic
*Body (whatever your letter entails)

Now with the writer’s address, there are many forms or ways of writing them; example is the block and slanted. You can decide to write everything in block letters or capitalize the first letters of every word. Your punctuations are very necessary. If you choose not to bring punctuation in any aspect of your address, it’s also accepted but it’s advisable to desist from that. Below is a sample

       Apam Senior High, 
         Post Office Box 2,
            Apam- Central,
     29th June, 2021.

For the receiver’s address, it’s mandatory to provide it at the left side of your booklet right after your address. This is the address of the one who will receive your letter. For example;

The Minister Of Education,
Post Office Box 45,
Central Region.

Right after the receiver’s address is the salutation. An official letter is always mandatory to use either Dear Mr/Mrs or the Mr/Mrs with the first name attached. Do not forget to bring a comma after the salutation.

Right below your salutation at where your comma ended is where your topic comes. For the topic you can choose to write all in block or Capitalize the first letters. But note that when use the block way, do not underline but when you use Capitalization, please kindly underline it with your full stop attached.

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From here your letter starts! Make sure to start below where your salutation comma ended and not where the topic ended.

The introduction is required for you to make a self introduction and the actual reason for writing that letter. Please unlike the informal where you can ask about the physical state and a whole lot of things about the receiver, it’s prohibited in the formal letter. You just go straight to the point is the motto of the formal letter.

For example; I am Ebenezer Appiah-kubi, the Assembly member of the Kasoa district……….

From there you come to the body which is the letter itself. Here you state everything needed to make the receiver accept whatever proposal or complaint being made. Make sure to write a lot here if you are writing for marks but it’s required to be simple when writing in a normal life.

After writing everything, you need to conclude and summarize everything in the body so that may be in case the receiver is not able to go through the body, at least the conclusion will give him or her a hint.

After your conclusion, you are mandated to make a subscription.

      Yours Faithfully, 
     Ebenezer Appiah. 
    (Your position) - not mandatory. 

After making your subscription, you should make sure to go over as to whether there was a mistake somewhere because sometimes the hand might be faster than the mind.

It our sincere hope that all readers of this article will be able to write a perfect formal letter after the whole reading.

Do also bear in mind that constant practice makes perfect. Be creating your own formal letter questions and write about them.

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For example, Write a letter to the Member of Parliament in your Constituency urging him or her to the aid of your school.

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