How to start and make money with YouTube

By | February 22, 2023

How to make money with YouTube
• First create a YouTube channel or account.

• Select a niche and upload videos that will appeal to your target audience.

• In every video, encourage them to subscribe to your channel by hitting the subscribe button and turning on the notification bell to receive alerts anytime you drop a video on your YouTube channel.

• Enable monetization in your YouTube account settings. This gives Google AdSense the go-ahead to monetize your channel once you reach 1,000 subscribers and getting quite some number of views. Google AdSense places Advertisements (Ads) on your videos which automatically play either at the beginning, middle or towards the ending of the video. When a viewer clicks on any of those Ads, you get paid.

• Also, when you are able to generate good number of viewers and subscribers, some companies begin to pay you to mention or promote their products or services. You can also use affiliate marketing strategy here by subscribing to affiliate programs of products or services which are related to your content. Even when your video content is not related to the affiliated product, use a minute or two to promote the product and encourage your viewers to check it out in the video description. You make extra money when someone buys the product through the link you provided in the video description.

• Make high quality videos with clear sound and be consistent with your updates.
• Make good introduction and give relevant contents.


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