How to make money with Affiliate Marketing using Amazon

By | February 22, 2023
affiliate marketing

How to make money with affiliate marketing using Amazon Associates.
• Signup for Amazon associates and fill out the necessary portions, including your bank account details.

• In the amazon associates page, select product linking among the menus at the top of the page and tap on product link among the pop up options.

• Choose or search for any product that you would like to promote. Once the search results are displayed, right click the specific product you want and copy the link URL or go on to the “Get link button”. If you want the product image and text to show in your blog or website in which you would advertise that product, copy the HTML code that displays below the product after clicking on the “Get Link”.
You can simply right click the product displayed after clicking on the “Get Link button” and choose “copy link address” from the options. This link address contains your affiliate code that would enable you to get a commission when someone clicks and buys the product. However, when someone fails to buy the product that same day but comes another day and buys a different product, you still get a commission for sending the person to Amazon.

• Paste this link address on your blog, website or YouTube video description. It’s good to make content or write/say something about the product you are promoting in your blog or YouTube in order to get the attention of your audience to click and check it out.
• To make enough income, share your contents or drive traffic to your site to enable more people read your content and click on your affiliate link as well.

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