Step-by-step guide on how to start and make money with blogging

By | February 22, 2023

How to start and make money with blogging
Never write articles or stories for any organization and get paid pennies at the end of the month. The best way is to own a blog website, publish articles and make money your own way. With this, payments come to you directly. The way you make money and advertise depends on you. Now let’s see how to start.

• First buy website hosting package and a domain name from a web hosting company. The hosting is basically the house or space that keeps data of the website (photos, documents, videos etc.) while the domain name is the name you want your website to be called. NOTE: Choose a domain name that speaks volumes of the kind of stuffs you want to post in your website. For instance, if it’s going to be about sports, you can choose a domain name like “The Sports House” or “Sports Updates”. You can also add your name like “Peters sports room”.
Examples of web hosting companies are Blue host, UlrahostGhana, stomerhost, whogohost, hostinger etc. Each of these comes with their hosting and domain name package prices, explore them to see which best meets your budget.

• Once your hosting and domain name is secured, create a website using WordPress or Blogger. These two platforms provide a wide range of themes and tools to create a beautiful blog website. When you have no knowledge on how to do this, hire an expert in that area to help you.

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• Now, begin to write relevant contents based on your niche or category of information you want your audience to be getting from you. Publish as many articles you can with each article having at least a thousand words. Sounds a bit crazy? Don’t worry, the beginning always seems difficult. You only need the courage to start. You will smile soon.

• Having at least 10 relevant posts with at least thousand words in each, apply for Google AdSense. Google AdSense reviews your website of relevant content and number of words of contents.
Google also checks if your website is search engine friendly. This means your website should be able to appear in google search results. This is very important to Google AdSense since it makes your website discoverable by millions of people using google everyday so as to make money from the Ads that would be placed on your website once you are approved.

• You start making money when your website is approved by google AdSense after meeting their requirements. When approved, Google AdSense places Advertisements (Ads) of different companies on your website, and when someone visits your site and clicks on an Ad, you get paid. To make enough money, you have to drive traffic to your site. Post contents that are relevant for your audience to keep coming back for more. Moreover, try posting consistently to keep the attention of your audience.

Also, give catchy titles to your post in order to attract people to visit your site and read what you have there. The more people visit, the more you are likely to get clicks on the Ads as some may be attracted by the products or services advertised on your website.

You might also want to signup to some affiliate programs and create contents that might lead to the purchase or usage of their products or services. This will fetch you extra money as you get paid by Google AdSense in case someone clicks an Ad and also get paid in case someone buys a product or uses a service you promoted through an affiliate link on your website.

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