Sasol Agriculture Trust Bursary

Knowing about the Sasol Agriculture Trust Bursary is important for individuals interested in pursuing a career in agriculture. This bursary provides financial assistance to students who are studying agriculture-related courses and helps them achieve their educational goals. Understanding the details of this bursary can help aspiring students take advantage of this opportunity and pursue their passion for agriculture.

Sasol Agriculture Trust Bursary

The Sasol Agriculture Trust Bursary is a program designed to support students studying agriculture-related courses in South Africa. It aims to empower and develop the next generation of agricultural leaders by providing financial assistance to deserving students. The bursary covers tuition fees, accommodation, study materials, and a monthly allowance, easing the financial burden on students and allowing them to focus on their studies.

By offering this bursary, Sasol Agriculture Trust aims to contribute to the growth and sustainability of the agricultural sector in South Africa. The program recognizes the importance of agriculture in the country’s economy and aims to support talented individuals who can make a positive impact in this field. The bursary is open to students at various levels of study, including undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

Benefits of the Sasol Agriculture Trust Bursary

There are several benefits to receiving the Sasol Agriculture Trust Bursary. Firstly, it provides financial support, covering various expenses such as tuition fees, accommodation, and study materials. This allows students to focus on their studies without the added stress of financial constraints. Additionally, the bursary offers a monthly allowance, which can be used to cover living expenses and further support the student’s educational journey.

Furthermore, the bursary provides access to mentorship and networking opportunities. Students may have the chance to connect with industry professionals and gain valuable insights into the agricultural sector. This exposure can help them develop their skills, broaden their knowledge, and enhance their career prospects in the field of agriculture.


1. How can I apply for the Sasol Agriculture Trust Bursary?

To apply for the bursary, you need to visit the Sasol website and complete the online application form. Make sure to provide all the required documents and information accurately. The application period usually opens in a specific timeframe, so be sure to check the website for updates.

2. What are the eligibility criteria for the bursary?

The eligibility criteria may vary each year, so it is important to check the specific requirements on the Sasol website. Generally, applicants must be South African citizens, studying agriculture-related courses at a recognized institution, and meet the academic criteria set by the bursary program.

3. How are bursary recipients selected?

The selection process involves reviewing the applications and assessing candidates based on their academic performance, financial need, and motivation to pursue a career in agriculture. Shortlisted candidates may be invited for interviews or additional assessments before the final selection is made.

4. Can I apply for the bursary if I am already studying agriculture?

Yes, the bursary is open to students at various levels of study, including those who are already enrolled in agriculture-related courses. However, you will still need to meet the eligibility criteria and follow the application process outlined by the Sasol Agriculture Trust Bursary.

5. What are the obligations of bursary recipients?

Recipients of the bursary are usually required to maintain a certain academic performance throughout their studies. They may also be expected to participate in mentorship programs or internships facilitated by Sasol Agriculture Trust. The specific obligations will be communicated to the successful applicants.