Norton Rose Fulbright Bursary

Understanding the Norton Rose Fulbright Bursary is crucial for individuals seeking financial assistance to pursue their education. This article aims to provide valuable information about the bursary, its benefits, and frequently asked questions.

Norton Rose Fulbright Bursary

The Norton Rose Fulbright Bursary is a financial aid program designed to support South African students who demonstrate academic excellence and financial need. It is offered by Norton Rose Fulbright, a leading global law firm committed to promoting education and diversity.

The bursary covers various expenses related to education, including tuition fees, textbooks, accommodation, and living expenses. It aims to alleviate the financial burden on deserving students, enabling them to focus on their studies and achieve their academic goals.

Benefits of the Norton Rose Fulbright Bursary

1. Financial Support: The bursary provides financial assistance to cover the costs associated with education, ensuring that students can pursue their studies without financial constraints.

2. Academic Excellence: By supporting students who demonstrate academic excellence, the bursary encourages and rewards hard work and dedication in education.

3. Professional Development: Recipients of the bursary gain access to valuable networking opportunities, mentorship programs, and internships, enhancing their professional development and increasing their chances of success in their chosen field.

4. Social Impact: The bursary program contributes to the development of South Africa by empowering talented individuals who may not have had the financial means to pursue higher education otherwise.


1. Who is eligible for the Norton Rose Fulbright Bursary?

Eligibility for the bursary is based on academic merit and financial need. Applicants must be South African citizens or permanent residents and must have been accepted or enrolled in an accredited tertiary institution.

2. How can I apply for the bursary?

Applications for the Norton Rose Fulbright Bursary can be submitted online through the official website. The application process typically requires providing personal information, academic records, and financial documentation.

3. What expenses does the bursary cover?

The bursary covers various educational expenses, including tuition fees, textbooks, accommodation, and living expenses. However, the specific coverage may vary depending on individual circumstances and the discretion of the bursary provider.

4. How are bursary recipients selected?

Bursary recipients are selected through a rigorous evaluation process that considers academic performance, financial need, and personal circumstances. Shortlisted candidates may be required to attend interviews or provide additional documentation.

5. Are bursary recipients required to work for Norton Rose Fulbright after graduation?

No, there is no obligation for bursary recipients to work for Norton Rose Fulbright after graduation. However, the firm may offer internship or employment opportunities to bursary recipients based on their performance and suitability.