NERSA Bursary

It is important for South Africans to be aware of the NERSA Bursary and what it entails as it provides valuable financial support for students pursuing higher education. By understanding the benefits and requirements of this bursary, individuals can take advantage of the opportunities it offers and further their education without the burden of financial constraints.

NERSA Bursary

The NERSA Bursary is a financial assistance program offered by the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA). It aims to support students who are studying or planning to study in fields related to the energy sector. This bursary covers tuition fees, accommodation, and prescribed study materials, allowing students to focus on their studies without worrying about the financial aspect.

Benefits of the NERSA Bursary

There are several benefits to receiving the NERSA Bursary. Firstly, it provides financial relief by covering the costs of tuition fees, accommodation, and study materials. This allows students to fully concentrate on their studies and excel academically. Additionally, the bursary offers opportunities for personal and professional growth through networking events and mentorship programs. Furthermore, recipients of the NERSA Bursary have the chance to contribute to the energy sector in South Africa, making a positive impact on the country’s development.


1. How do I apply for the NERSA Bursary?

To apply for the NERSA Bursary, you need to visit the official NERSA website and download the application form. Fill out the form accurately and provide all the required supporting documents. Submit the completed application form and documents before the specified deadline.

2. What are the eligibility criteria for the NERSA Bursary?

The eligibility criteria for the NERSA Bursary include being a South African citizen, having a strong academic record, and being accepted or enrolled in a recognized institution for a qualification related to the energy sector. Financial need may also be considered during the selection process.

3. How are bursary recipients selected?

Bursary recipients are selected based on various factors, including academic performance, financial need, and potential to contribute to the energy sector. The selection process involves reviewing the application forms, conducting interviews, and assessing the supporting documents provided.

4. What are the obligations of NERSA Bursary recipients?

Recipients of the NERSA Bursary are required to maintain a satisfactory academic performance throughout their studies. They may also be expected to participate in mentorship programs, attend networking events, and contribute to the energy sector through research or projects.

5. Can I reapply for the NERSA Bursary each year?

Yes, you can reapply for the NERSA Bursary each year. However, the renewal of the bursary is subject to meeting the academic requirements and availability of funds. It is important to submit your renewal application on time and provide any necessary updates or additional documents.