Kumba Iron Ore Bursary

It is important for individuals to be aware of the Kumba Iron Ore Bursary and what it entails, as it provides valuable financial support for students pursuing their education. By understanding the details of this bursary, students can take advantage of the opportunities it offers and alleviate some of the financial burden associated with their studies.

Kumba Iron Ore Bursary

The Kumba Iron Ore Bursary is a program designed to assist South African students who demonstrate academic potential and financial need. It is offered by Kumba Iron Ore, a leading supplier of high-quality iron ore to the global steel industry. The bursary aims to empower students by providing them with the means to pursue their education and contribute to the development of the country.

Benefits of the Kumba Iron Ore Bursary include financial assistance to cover tuition fees, accommodation, and prescribed textbooks. In addition to the financial support, bursary recipients also have access to mentorship and guidance from professionals within the industry. This mentorship program helps students develop their skills and knowledge, preparing them for future career opportunities in the mining sector.


1. How can I apply for the Kumba Iron Ore Bursary?

To apply for the Kumba Iron Ore Bursary, you can visit their official website and download the application form. Complete the form with accurate and detailed information, ensuring that you meet the eligibility criteria. Submit the application along with the required supporting documents before the specified deadline.

2. What are the eligibility criteria for the bursary?

The eligibility criteria for the Kumba Iron Ore Bursary include being a South African citizen, currently in Grade 12 or have completed Grade 12, and planning to pursue full-time studies in a mining-related field. Applicants must also demonstrate financial need and academic potential.

3. How are bursary recipients selected?

Bursary recipients are selected based on their academic performance, financial need, and potential to contribute to the mining industry. The selection process involves a thorough review of the applications, including academic records, personal statements, and references.

4. What are the obligations of bursary recipients?

As a bursary recipient, you are required to maintain satisfactory academic progress throughout your studies. You may also be expected to participate in vacation work or internships at Kumba Iron Ore during your university breaks. Additionally, you will be encouraged to contribute to community development initiatives supported by the company.

5. Can I reapply for the bursary each year?

Yes, you can reapply for the Kumba Iron Ore Bursary each year, provided that you continue to meet the eligibility criteria and maintain satisfactory academic progress. Renewal of the bursary is subject to review and availability of funds.