Katapult Business School Bursaries

It is important for individuals to be aware of the opportunities available to them when it comes to furthering their education. One such opportunity is the Katapult Business School Bursaries, which provide financial assistance to students who wish to pursue a business-related degree. By understanding what these bursaries entail and the benefits they offer, individuals can take advantage of this valuable resource.

Katapult Business School Bursaries

Katapult Business School Bursaries are scholarships offered to students who are interested in studying business-related courses at the Katapult Business School. These bursaries aim to support individuals who have a passion for business and want to enhance their knowledge and skills in this field. The bursaries cover a portion or the full cost of tuition fees, making it more affordable for students to pursue their education.

By receiving a Katapult Business School Bursary, students can benefit in various ways. Firstly, it alleviates the financial burden associated with studying, allowing individuals to focus on their studies without worrying about how to pay for their education. Secondly, it provides access to quality education and resources, enabling students to gain a competitive edge in the business world. Lastly, it opens up opportunities for networking and mentorship, as students will have the chance to connect with industry professionals and like-minded individuals.


1. How can I apply for a Katapult Business School Bursary?

To apply for a Katapult Business School Bursary, you need to complete the application form available on the school’s website. Make sure to provide all the required documents and information accurately. The selection process is competitive, so it is essential to showcase your passion for business and your potential to succeed.

2. What are the eligibility criteria for a Katapult Business School Bursary?

The eligibility criteria for a Katapult Business School Bursary may vary, but generally, applicants must be South African citizens or permanent residents. They should have a strong academic record and demonstrate financial need. Some bursaries may also consider factors such as leadership skills and community involvement.

3. Can I apply for multiple bursaries at the same time?

Yes, you can apply for multiple bursaries, including the Katapult Business School Bursary. However, it is important to carefully read the terms and conditions of each bursary to ensure that you meet the requirements and understand any obligations that may come with accepting the bursary.

4. Are the bursaries renewable?

Some Katapult Business School Bursaries may be renewable, depending on the specific terms and conditions. It is advisable to check with the school or the bursary provider to determine if the bursary can be renewed for subsequent years of study.

5. What happens if I am awarded a bursary?

If you are awarded a Katapult Business School Bursary, you will be notified by the school or the bursary provider. You will then need to accept the bursary and fulfill any requirements, such as maintaining a certain academic performance or participating in specific activities. The bursary funds will be disbursed directly to the school to cover your tuition fees.