How to Start a Resume Writer Business in South Africa

In today’s competitive job market, having a well-crafted resume is crucial for job seekers. This is where a resume writer business comes in. A resume writer business provides professional resume writing services to individuals who need assistance in creating a compelling resume that stands out from the crowd. This business is important as it helps job seekers present their skills and experiences effectively, increasing their chances of landing their dream job. Areas that often require resume writing services include recent graduates, career changers, and individuals returning to the workforce after a break.

How to Start a Resume Writer Business in South Africa

  • You will need excellent writing skills and a good understanding of the job market in South Africa.
  • Invest in a reliable computer, internet connection, and resume writing software.
  • Create a professional website to showcase your services and attract potential clients.
  • Market your business through social media platforms, job fairs, and networking events.
  • Consider obtaining certifications or joining professional associations to enhance your credibility.

Starting a resume writer business in South Africa requires dedication and hard work. Begin by researching the local job market and understanding the specific needs of job seekers in the country. Develop a pricing structure for your services and determine the estimated amount of money needed to start, including expenses for marketing, website development, and software.

Benefits and Profits

Running a resume writer business can be highly rewarding both personally and financially. By helping individuals secure their dream jobs, you can make a positive impact on their lives. Additionally, as the demand for professional resume writing services continues to grow, there is a significant opportunity for profit. With the right marketing strategies and a strong reputation, you can attract a steady stream of clients and build a successful business.


1. How long does it take to write a resume?

Each resume varies in complexity, but on average, it takes around 2-3 hours to write a high-quality resume.

2. Do I need any specific qualifications to start a resume writer business?

While specific qualifications are not mandatory, having a background in writing, human resources, or career counseling can be beneficial. Additionally, obtaining certifications from reputable resume writing organizations can enhance your credibility.

3. How much should I charge for my resume writing services?

Pricing can vary depending on factors such as your experience, the complexity of the resume, and the local market. Research the rates charged by other resume writers in South Africa to determine a competitive pricing structure.

4. How can I attract clients to my resume writer business?

Utilize social media platforms to showcase your expertise and engage with potential clients. Attend job fairs and networking events to connect with job seekers directly. Additionally, offering free resume critiques or discounts for first-time clients can help attract new business.

5. Is it necessary to have a website for my resume writer business?

Having a professional website is highly recommended as it serves as a platform to showcase your services, display client testimonials, and provide a convenient way for potential clients to contact you.