Bankseta Kuyasa Learnership

Bankseta Kuyasa Learnership is an important program that individuals in South Africa need to know about. This learnership provides valuable opportunities for young people to gain practical skills and experience in the banking sector, ultimately enhancing their employability and contributing to the growth of the economy.

Bankseta Kuyasa Learnership

Bankseta Kuyasa Learnership is a program initiated by the Banking Sector Education and Training Authority (Bankseta) in South Africa. It aims to address the skills shortage in the banking industry by providing learners with the necessary knowledge and practical experience to excel in various banking roles.

The learnership program typically lasts for 12 months and combines theoretical classroom training with on-the-job practical experience. Participants are placed in partnering banks where they receive mentorship and guidance from experienced professionals. This hands-on approach allows learners to develop a deep understanding of the banking industry and gain valuable skills that will benefit them in their future careers.

Benefits of Bankseta Kuyasa Learnership

Participating in the Bankseta Kuyasa Learnership offers numerous benefits for individuals. Firstly, it provides a pathway to employment in the banking sector. Upon successful completion of the program, learners have the opportunity to secure permanent employment within the partnering banks or other financial institutions.

Secondly, the learnership equips participants with practical skills and knowledge that are highly sought after in the banking industry. This increases their chances of securing employment and advancing their careers in the future.

Furthermore, the program offers a stipend to learners, which helps to alleviate financial burdens and allows them to focus on their studies and gaining practical experience without worrying about their financial situation.


1. What are the eligibility criteria for Bankseta Kuyasa Learnership?

To be eligible for the Bankseta Kuyasa Learnership, individuals must be South African citizens between the ages of 18 and 30, have a matric certificate, and meet the specific requirements set by the partnering banks.

2. How can I apply for Bankseta Kuyasa Learnership?

To apply for the learnership, interested individuals can visit the Bankseta website or contact the partnering banks directly for application details. The application process typically involves submitting a completed application form, along with relevant supporting documents.

3. Is the learnership program only available in certain provinces?

No, the Bankseta Kuyasa Learnership is available nationwide. The program aims to provide opportunities for young people across South Africa to gain valuable skills and experience in the banking sector.

4. Will I receive a qualification upon completion of the learnership?

Yes, upon successful completion of the Bankseta Kuyasa Learnership, learners receive a recognized qualification that is aligned with the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

5. Can I apply for the learnership if I already have a tertiary qualification?

Yes, individuals with tertiary qualifications can still apply for the Bankseta Kuyasa Learnership. However, preference may be given to those who do not have prior tertiary qualifications, as the program aims to provide opportunities for individuals who may not have had access to formal education.