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Brief History of African Union(AU)

  Before the formation of African unity in May 1963, there existed in Africa three rival groups or blocs, namely, The Brazzaville group, The Casablanca group and The Monrovia group, all of which advocated different approaches to securing independence for African countries which were still under colonial rule.    The Brazzaville group known as a… Read More »

The menace of hawking on the street and how to deal with it.

Hawking refers to the act of selling  consumable goods or items  for a living.  It can also be termed as peddling or vending. Although this activity is not entirely the preserve of females, they (girls or women) are the group that are mostly seen in this practice. Hawking on the street in the urban centers and… Read More »

Mobile phone- benefits and effects. A must read!!

     Mobile phone is one of the greatest inventions of our time. The way and manner in which this small gadget is able to accomplish great tasks  and send messages over a long distance with terrifying speed is a marvel to many humans. Those were the days in Ghana where making phone call was an… Read More »

The History of May Day Celebration

    May Day is an international holiday that is annually observed on May 1st .The celebration was associated to the  achievements of the labour movement as a sign of commemorating their hardwork over the periods. MAY DAY can also be termed as LABOUR DAY or INTERNATIONAL WORKERS’ DAY. It is obvious that this special day was set… Read More »