YouTuber Eugenia Cooney Age, Health, Boyfriend

Eugenia Cooney
Eugenia Cooney

Eugenia Cooney, a renowned social media personality, captivates the online world with her YouTube video blogs on her self-titled channel, which she established on June 17, 2011.

Who is Eugenia Cooney?

Eugenia Cooney was born on 27 July 1994 in Connecticut, USA. Raised alongside her younger brother Chip, she spent her formative years in Massachusetts, where she attended elementary school. From a young age, Eugenia aspired to pursue an acting career, which led her to New York City to enroll in acting classes.

In 2012, Eugenia’s life took an exciting turn when she won The New Face of Big Drop NYC national contest. Prior to this, she resided with her mother but eventually moved to her own apartment to focus on her burgeoning YouTube career. Her journey to fame began as she became a regular on YouNow, a live broadcasting platform, cultivating a loyal YouTube audience.

As a social media personality, Eugenia Cooney’s YouTube journey commenced in June 2011. Initially, her videos centered on cosplaying popular celebrities and anime characters, gradually expanding her content to include makeup and beauty makeovers. Her vlogging videos resonated with fans as she shared details about her unique Emo lifestyle, inspiring others with her unwavering belief that nothing is impossible.

Some of Eugenia’s most famous videos include “My Mom Turns Me Preppy,” which amassed a staggering 25 million views upon its release in 2016. Additionally, her other well-watched videos like “My Favorite Summer Tops” and “Kingdom Hearts Kairi Transformation” garnered over 9 million and 8 million views, respectively. Unfortunately, due to health concerns, Eugenia took a temporary hiatus from YouTube in 2017.

During her time away from YouTube, fellow content creator Shawn Dawson produced an hour-long video discussing Eugenia’s life, health condition, and YouTube journey. Upon her return, Eugenia candidly addressed her eating disorder, bringing attention to her health issues, and acknowledging the concern of her well-wishers.

Presently, Eugenia Cooney boasts over 2.11 million subscribers on YouTube, solidifying her place as an elite content creator on the platform. Despite facing challenges, she continues to inspire and engage her audience, showcasing her strength and resilience in the face of adversity.

Eugenia’s health has been a topic of concern for many, given her slender appearance attributed to her eating disorder. While she prefers to keep her personal life private, there is no information on her current dating status or having any children.

Eugenia Cooney’s journey from a young girl with acting aspirations to a famous YouTuber has been filled with both triumphs and challenges. Her influence as a social media personality is undeniable, touching the lives of millions worldwide. Eugenia’s candidness about her struggles has not only humanized her but also inspired countless individuals. As she continues to create content, we eagerly anticipate her future endeavors and the positive impact she will undoubtedly leave on her audience.

  1. What is Eugenia Cooney’s age? Eugenia Cooney was born on 27 July 1994, making her 28 years old. Her zodiac sign is Leo.
  2. What is Eugenia Cooney’s net worth? Eugenia Cooney’s estimated net worth is approximately $1 million.
  3. What is Eugenia Cooney’s height and weight? Eugenia stands at 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs about 39 kg. She has black hair and green eyes.
  4. What disease does Eugenia Cooney have? Eugenia Cooney has been open about her battle with an eating disorder, which has raised concerns about her health.
  5. Is Eugenia Cooney in a romantic relationship? As of now, Eugenia’s romantic relationship status remains unknown, as she keeps her personal life private.