Why was the Trump star removed from the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

Remove Trump star from Hollywood Walk of Fame, city council votes

The West Hollywood City Council’s recent unanimous decision to permanently remove President Donald Trump’s star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame has ignited debates about history, values, and the power to shape a narrative.

The decision comes after Trump’s star was vandalized for the second time in two years. In July 2020, a man used a pickaxe to destroy the star, and in August 2023, another man defaced it with spray paint.

The West Hollywood City Council argued that Trump’s star should be removed because his actions do not align with the values of the city, region, state, and nation. They cited his “disturbing treatment of women” and his “attacks on minorities, immigrants, people with disabilities, and women” as reasons for their decision.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which is responsible for the Walk of Fame, has not yet responded to the council’s decision. The chamber has previously resisted calls to remove stars from the Walk of Fame, even in the case of disgraced figures such as Bill Cosby and Kevin Spacey.

The decision to remove Trump’s star is a significant one, as it raises questions about the role of history and public monuments in a changing society. It also highlights the power of individuals and communities to shape the narrative of their own time.