Who is Tony Berlin? Harris Faulkner’s husband

Ever wondered about the face behind the TV screen who brings you news and stories? Meet Tony Berlin, a familiar name in the world of television hosting and journalism.

Born in 1968 in sunny Los Angeles, California, Tony is a TV host and journalist who’s best known for his time on “Good Morning America.”

But there’s more to him than just that – he’s also recognized for his work on various news networks and for being the husband of news anchor Harris Faulkner.

Who is Tony Berlin? Harris Faulkner’s husband

Tony Berlin’s life started in the bustling city of Los Angeles. He grew up with his mom and sister because his parents separated when he was young.

Even though he faced this challenge, he found his passion early on – he loved reporting news and being in front of the camera.

After finishing high school, he took a shot at learning reporting at the Poynter Institute in 2002. But life had other plans, and he switched gears to focus on political science at Occidental College, where he completed his degree.

Tony’s journey took an exciting turn when he got a chance to intern at PBS News, where he helped with their news programs. A

ll this was happening while he was studying at American University’s School of Communication. He then went on to earn a higher degree, and one of his big breaks was landing a job at “Good Morning America.”

This show, full of news, weather updates, interviews, and cool stories, became really popular, and Tony played a role in its success. As of August 2023, Tony is 55 years old.