Who is Nathan James Cruz? Teenage cousin of Uvalde school shooter


In a disconcerting turn of events, the teenage cousin of the individual responsible for the tragic Uvalde, Texas school shooting in 2022 has been apprehended on suspicion of issuing threats to replicate the same horrendous act.

According to compelling court documents obtained by CNN, this development has ignited fresh concerns within the community.

Seventeen-year-old Nathan James Cruz now finds himself under arrest, facing a felony charge for making terroristic threats aimed at a public institution. Simultaneously, he is confronted with a misdemeanor charge of making similar threats against a family member.

These serious allegations come to light through the meticulous records of the Bexar County Central Magistrate.

It is important to note that Cruz is directly related to Salvador Ramos, the 18-year-old individual who wreaked havoc by fatally shooting 19 children and two educators at Robb Elementary School back in May 2022. The incident sent shockwaves through the nation and now, with Cruz’s arrest, the story takes another concerning twist.

The Uvalde school shooting, perpetrated by Salvador Ramos, stunned the nation as he entered Robb Elementary with an assault rifle and tactical vest.

His violent act, which unfolded in May 2022, ranks among the most deadly school shootings in modern US history. The tragic incident also brought law enforcement’s actions into question, as officers took over an hour before engaging Ramos and ultimately ending the violence.

Nathan James Cruz’s arrest transpired following a report from his mother. The daughter reported that Cruz had menacingly mentioned his intention to mimic his cousin’s grievous actions.

In a disturbing affidavit shared with CNN, Cruz’s mother expressed heightened concern due to his probationary status and intoxicated state at the time. The gravity of the situation was further escalated by their close proximity to an elementary school.

Additional revelations come from Cruz’s sister, who disclosed that during a car ride, he had threatened to shoot her and even made explicit threats against the school. The chilling claims underline the severity of Cruz’s intentions.

The alarming nature of the situation deepened as Cruz’s mother overheard him attempting to acquire an AR-15-style assault rifle through an illicit conversation.

This is particularly alarming considering that this was the very same type of firearm used by Salvador Ramos during the Uvalde shooting.

Following his apprehension, Nathan James Cruz was questioned by a detective, during which he vehemently denied any involvement in issuing threats.

This development only adds layers of complexity to an already perplexing case. Crucially, it remains unclear whether Cruz has secured legal representation. His bail, pegged at $160,000, underscores the gravity of the charges laid against him, as reflected in the magistrate records.