Who is Lyndrea Price? Meet Serena Williams’ Sister

Ever heard of Lyndrea Price? She might not be as famous as her tennis superstar sisters, Serena and Venus Williams, but she’s an important part of their family story.

Let’s take a closer look at the life of Lyndrea Price and how her connection to Serena and Venus has shaped her journey.

Who is Lyndrea Price? Meet Serena Williams’ Sister

Lyndrea Price is the half-sister of the tennis legends Serena and Venus Williams. Born in the United States in 1977, she shares a mom, Oracene Price, with the Williams sisters, but her dad is Yusef Rasheed.

While we might not know her exact birthdate, her life has been closely connected to her sisters’ incredible careers.

While Serena and Venus set the tennis world on fire, Lyndrea Price has been right there cheering them on. She’s been a supportive sister through thick and thin, showing up at big events alongside Serena and Venus.

Even though she’s not a tennis player herself, being part of this famous family has put her in the spotlight.

She’s a successful American businesswoman who’s earned respect for her work. She’s done great things at LP Development and Kellogg Company, where she’s shown her skills in things like costumes, marketing, and web design.

Lyndrea Price likes to keep things low-key, but that doesn’t mean her achievements are small.

She’s done impressive work in fashion and marketing, and her strong bond with her sisters has been a big help in her career.

Learning from their experience and using their influence, Lyndrea has made her own path to success.