Who is Jovi Pena? Kai Cenat’s Friend And Allegations

Jovi Pena

Jovi Pena Accuses Kai Cenat of “Not Helping” After Alleged Rape by Stranger

Jovi Pena, a prominent TikToker with over 120,000 followers, has accused Twitch streamer Kai Cenat of “not helping” after she was allegedly raped at a party hosted by Cenat.

According to Pena, she attended the party on January 1 after receiving an invitation from Cenat. Later in the night, when she decided to leave, Cenat suggested that she stay in one of the rooms upstairs for her safety. Tragically, this is where the alleged rape took place.

After the incident, Pena attempted to reach out to Cenat for help, but he did not respond. She also tried to contact the alleged rapist, but he claimed that he had left the party.

Pena eventually shared her ordeal with Cenat through text messages, including images of him and the accused together. However, Cenat’s response was disappointing. He appeared more concerned about how the situation reflected on him rather than showing genuine concern for Pena’s well-being.

As of now, Cenat has not issued a public response to the allegations made by Pena. However, he is expected to address the situation during one of his Twitch streams.

The allegations against Cenat have sparked a wave of online outrage. Many people have criticized him for his lack of empathy and his apparent disregard for Pena’s safety.