Who is Gabriel Iglesias wife? Is he married or dating?

Gabriel Iglesias, widely known by his nickname “Fluffy,” is a renowned standup comic, actor, and voice performer.

His comedic talent and relatable material, touching on the challenges and joys of modern life, have made him one of America’s favorite comedians.

As an extra-large man, he humorously incorporates his own experiences into his performances, endearing himself to a diverse audience.

While fans appreciate his wit, many are curious about his personal life, particularly regarding his love life.

Let’s delve into the question: Does Gabriel Iglesias have a wife, or is he currently dating someone?

Who is Gabriel Iglesias’ Wife? Is He Married or Dating?

Gabriel Iglesias, despite being a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, has never been married in his life.

The comedian has chosen to keep his personal life private, leaving his fans guessing about his romantic relationships.

Although some sources speculate that he might be in a secret relationship, he has not shared any recent pictures or posts featuring a romantic partner.

However, Gabriel Iglesias has been in a notable long-term relationship in the past. He dated an actress named Claudia Valdez, who is recognized for her roles in movies like “On the Road,” “The Legend of Zorro,” “Troy,” and the 2010 film “Monsters.”

Although she hasn’t appeared in major productions lately, Claudia remains known for her association with the comedian.

Their paths crossed on the set of the movie “Make A Wish” in 2008, and soon after, they began dating. For nearly 12 years, they lived together in Whittier, California, United States.

Unfortunately, not much is known about Claudia Valdez’s personal life beyond her long-term relationship with Gabriel.

However, in July 2020, Gabriel and Claudia decided to end their relationship, leaving fans curious about the reasons behind the breakup.

The comedian has been open about his struggles with depression and alcoholism, which have impacted his family life. It’s possible that these challenges played a role in their decision to part ways.