Who is Ashleigh Watts? Virginia Mother Arrested on Indecent Relationship Charges with Minors

Ashleigh Watts
Ashleigh Watts

Virginia Mother Arrested on Indecent Relationship Charges with Minors

A 37-year-old Virginia mother is facing charges of indecent relationship with a minor after police discovered her in the company of a missing 15-year-old boy.

Ashleigh Watts, of Chesapeake, was arrested in July after police visited her home in search of the missing teen. When officers arrived, Watts allegedly asked for a moment to make herself presentable before allowing them inside. Once inside, officers found the missing boy hiding in a concealed space.

Watts was initially charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, but the charges were later upgraded to three counts of indecent relationship with a minor.

The boy is one of two twins who lived across the street from Watts. The boys are friends with Watts’ own son, who is also the same age.

According to police, the abuse began over a year ago. In February, Watts’ husband reportedly found her partially unclothed in the company of one of the boys. The boy later told investigators that he had been at Watts’ home to smoke marijuana.

Watts’ husband told investigators that the two families were close friends and shared an open-door policy between their homes.

Behind closed doors, Watts allegedly subjected the boys to sexual and emotional manipulation. One of the boys told a neighbor that he had been in a sexual relationship with Watts since June 2022. He said that he believed they were in love and planning to marry after he turned 17.

After the relationship was exposed, one of the boys ran away from home. He was later found hiding in Watts’ bedroom. Watts allegedly invited him over for marijuana and gave him her underwear. She also allegedly touched him inappropriately against his wishes.

The parents of the boys and Watts’ husband have all filed protective orders against her. Documents pertaining to her arrest indicate the discovery of large sums of cash, marijuana, and a prepaid cell phone.

Watts faces a potential prison sentence of up to 30 years if convicted of the charges against her. The case is ongoing.

Investigators are concerned that there may be other victims in this case. Anyone with information about Watts or her alleged activities is asked to contact the Chesapeake Police Department.