Who is Ashlee Cheatham? Woman Arrested on Multiple Charges, Including Child Abuse and Obscene Material Distribution

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Ashlee Cheatham was apprehended on Tuesday evening and formally charged with a series of serious felonies.

These charges encompass a count of sexual abuse involving a child below the age of 12, along with one count of producing or disseminating explicit and inappropriate materials involving minors – commonly referred to as child pornography.

The authorities have made this announcement following meticulous investigations into the matter.

Who is Ashlee Cheatham? Woman Arrested on Multiple Charges, Including Child Abuse and Obscene Material Distribution

Additionally, Cheatham is facing legal action on multiple fronts. She is implicated in one count each of possessing drug-related paraphernalia, possessing marijuana, and committing a felony violation under Oklahoma’s Computer Crimes Act.

The Stillwater Police Department, in an official press release, disclosed that a concerned individual entered the police station’s lobby around 10:11 a.m. on the fateful Tuesday, seeking an audience with a law enforcement officer. Lieutenant TJ Low, a spokesperson for the Stillwater Police Department, conveyed to The Kansas City Star that the individual was visibly agitated as he entered the premises.

According to the press release, the visitor was described as an extremely distressed parent. This individual relayed to the attending officer that he had recently established an online connection with a woman, identified in the release as Ashlee Cheatham, hailing from Oklahoma City. Subsequently, they developed a romantic relationship, with Cheatham eventually moving in with the concerned individual and his 3-year-old daughter.

The exact duration of their relationship remains unclear; however, at a certain point, the father began harboring suspicions about Cheatham’s activities. As doubts took root, he resolved to investigate further. The previous evening, while Cheatham was asleep, the father perused through her mobile device, revealing deeply concerning images and videos involving his own toddler daughter. The police release mentioned that the contents of these files were disturbing in nature. The exact nature and quantity of the material discovered on Cheatham’s phone were not explicitly detailed by the authorities.

Offering advice to parents in similar circumstances, Lieutenant Low emphasized the importance of listening to one’s instincts and conducting thorough background checks on individuals entrusted with the care of children. He communicated this sentiment to KOCO-TV, an ABC affiliate in Oklahoma City.

Footage from body-worn police cameras, obtained by KOCO, showed the moment when law enforcement officers took Cheatham into custody from the apartment she shared with the concerned parent. She was seen in a state of distress and partially clothed, led away in handcuffs.

Lieutenant Low noted that the arrest was prompted by the deeply disturbing nature of the evidence uncovered. The apprehension occurred on the same day the evidence was discovered.

Recent information indicates that Cheatham had sought employment as a paraprofessional at Nicoma Park Elementary School, and her hiring process was reportedly in progress before her arrest. However, a district spokesperson confirmed to KOCO that this process has been promptly terminated in light of the allegations. The district stated unequivocally that Cheatham had not commenced work, received any remuneration, or interacted with any students.

As of Saturday morning, Cheatham remained in custody at the Payne County Jail, as corroborated by available records. A judicial order has also been issued to prevent her from contacting the alleged victim.

The case continues to unfold, and the legal process will determine the appropriate course of action regarding the charges brought against Ashlee Cheatham.