Who Hosted Wheel Of Fortune Before Pat Sajak?

“Wheel of Fortune” is a well-loved television game show that has entertained audiences for decades. Created by Merv Griffin, this show has become a household name with its iconic spinning wheel and word-solving challenges.

In this article, we’ll dive into the history of the show and discover who took on the hosting duties before Pat Sajak.

Who Hosted Wheel Of Fortune Before Pat Sajak?

Before Pat Sajak took the helm of “Wheel of Fortune,” the show had its beginnings with different hosts. Let’s take a look at the individuals who guided contestants through the puzzles and spins before Pat Sajak’s era.

When “Wheel of Fortune” first hit the airwaves on January 6, 1975, it was Chuck Woolery and Susan Stafford who stood at the helm. As the inaugural hosts of the show, they introduced the world to the exciting concept of spinning a wheel to reveal letters and solve word puzzles. Their dynamic partnership set the stage for the show’s success in the early years.

In December 1981, the show underwent a change as Pat Sajak made his debut as one of the hosts. However, the transition was gradual, and Susan Stafford continued to co-host alongside Pat Sajak. During this phase, viewers experienced a blend of the old and the new as the show evolved to meet the changing tastes of its audience.

By December 1982, Susan Stafford stepped down from her co-hosting role, making way for Vanna White to join the show. Vanna’s radiant presence and enthusiastic interactions with contestants quickly became a defining aspect of the show. Her entry marked a significant shift, and together with Pat Sajak, she formed the iconic duo that would come to be associated with “Wheel of Fortune.”

With Pat Sajak and Vanna White as the new hosts, the show smoothly transitioned into its next phase. Their chemistry, along with the beloved spinning wheel and word puzzles, continued to captivate audiences. The show’s move from a daytime slot to syndication in 1983 further solidified its place in television history.