SuperMega Controversy: Their YouTube Channel Losses 10K Subscribers

SuperMega Controversy
SuperMega Controversy

SuperMega is facing cancellation from their followers after being accused of not taking appropriate action regarding s*xual assault allegations against their artist DonDRRR.

Artist and cosplayer Lex recently posted a video on YouTube, where she accused Don of engaging in intimate acts with her without her consent.

Since the allegations surfaced online, Matt Watson, a member of SuperMega, has announced the cancellation of his upcoming shows. Don also took to Twitter to address the accusations.

Lex’s Account on YouTube and Twitter

On July 27, Lex uploaded a two-hour-long video titled “My Experience With DonDRRR and SuperMega” on YouTube. She also shared screenshots on Twitter detailing the alleged assault.

At the time of writing this article, the video had garnered over 120K views, with the tweet explaining the assault gaining nearly five million views.

As per Social Blade, SuperMega lost over 10,000 subscribers today, following the exposure of Lex’s story.

Allegations against SuperMega’s Artist DonDRRR

She then reached out to SuperMega’s Matt and Ryan Elias to explain the alleged assault, but the response she received was mixed. While Ryan initially offered support, Matt later informed her that they did not feel obliged to take any action since DonDRRR was not their employee. They also warned her that the situation could have severe consequences if anyone found out about it.

Lex also claimed that Matt and Ryan separately spoke with Don, and Don expressed not knowing what he had done wrong. As a result, SuperMega advised Lex to “talk things out” with Don.

Lex and Rav were eventually expelled from SuperMega, being accused of being lazy, which left them homeless and living in their car.

For more details, readers can refer to Lex’s Twitter account @niceupdog. She also shared screenshots of DonDRRR personally apologizing to her, referring to the apology as “sorry about the trip and everything before that,” with “everything before that” pertaining to her assault.

Additionally, Lex posted a screenshot of a message from Ryan where he mentioned receiving standoffish signals from her when she refused to be cheerful at his birthday, which happened to be just a day after she met Don.

Response from Matt Watson and DonDRRR

In response to Lex’s story gaining traction, Matt took to Twitter to announce the cancellation of his last two shows. He assured that he would address the matter as soon as possible.

DonDRRR also used Twitter to share his side of the story and apologized to Lex for any trauma she might have experienced during their past relationship.