Ruby Franke Biography, Age, Siblings, Children, Parents

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Ruby Franke

Ruby Franke, the magical force behind the popular “8 Passengers” YouTube channel, has a special talent for making ordinary family life captivating.

With her authenticity and her family of six by her side, she captures the hearts of viewers all over the world.

Beyond the videos, Ruby also gives talks and workshops.

She’s like a guide, showing people how to make their families stronger in a world that keeps changing.

She shares her wisdom about parenting, relationships, and how to make love grow within families.

Ruby’s legacy is like a beautiful quilt made of love, togetherness, and a fresh way of looking at family life today.

Her journey keeps shaping the lives and homes of everyone who gets to experience her enchanting presence.

Ruby Franke Age

Ruby Franke was born on the 16th of January, 1982.

She is currently 41 years old.

Ruby Franke Siblings

Ruby Franke has two sisters and one brother.

Information about her siblings has not been disclosed online.

Ruby Franke Children

Ruby Franke has six wonderful children.

Their names are Shari, Chad, Abby, Julie, Russell, and Eve.

These wonderful kids are an integral part of the “8 Passengers” YouTube channel and bring their unique personalities to the family’s adventures.

Ruby Franke Parents

While Ruby Franke is a well-known YouTube personality, she has generally kept her parents’ information and identities private.

As a result, there is limited publicly available information about her parents.

Ruby Franke tends to focus on her own family and her experiences as a mother on her YouTube channel, “8 Passengers.”