Ron Sexton aka Donnie Baker’s Wife, Was Ron Sexton Married?

Ron Sexton
Ron Sexton

American comedian Ron Sexton, renowned for his iconic role as Donnie Baker on the Indianapolis radio show The BOB & TOM Show, has sadly passed away at the age of 52. The news was shared by his family on his Facebook page, urging for privacy during this difficult time.

The BOB & TOM Show’s official Facebook handle also paid a heartfelt tribute to their late ensemble member, with Tom Griswold sharing that Sexton passed away in Ohio during his stand-up comedy tour. Griswold described him as a “much-loved colleague and friend,” fondly remembering his 20-year contribution to the show and the joy he brought to countless listeners.

Ron Sexton was an immensely talented comedian with several on-air personas, including Baker, Kenny Tarmac, Floyd the Trucker, and impressive celebrity impersonations. He leaves behind cherished memories in the hearts of millions.

Was Ron Sexton Married?

YesMarried to Tracey Horen Sexton, Ron shared a loving relationship with his five children – Eric, Alex, Abigail, Aliah, and Ila.

Tracey, active on social media, has been a pillar of support throughout Ron’s successful career. The couple maintained privacy about their marriage, but their happiness was evident through Tracey’s heartwarming posts on Facebook.

Condolences from fellow comedians and artists poured in, remembering Ron’s humor and talent. As the world mourns the loss of this Indianapolis native, details regarding the cause of his passing remain undisclosed.

Ron Sexton’s legacy will continue to live on, touching the lives of many who cherished his wit and comedic brilliance.