Renowned fitness influencer Larissa Borges Dead, Larissa Borges Cause of Death Revealed

Renowned fitness influencer Larissa Borges Dead, Larissa Borges Cause of Death Revealed

Renowned fitness influencer, Larissa Borges, has tragically passed away at the age of 33, following a week-long battle with a dual cardiac arrest that ultimately led to her demise. This saddening development was confirmed by her family.

In a statement issued on Monday via her Instagram account, Borges’ family disclosed the heartbreaking news. They recounted her challenging journey, which commenced earlier this month when she was initially hospitalized due to the initial cardiac arrest episode.

With translations facilitated by Google Translate, the statement conveyed, “It is with profound sorrow that we announce the untimely departure of our cherished Larissa Borges. Larissa experienced cardiac arrest on the 20th of August in Gramado-RS, and she displayed remarkable courage throughout her one-week coma.”

Larissa Borges Cause of Death

Tragically, the statement unveiled that Larissa Borges breathed her last on the 28th of August, succumbing to a subsequent cardiac arrest that she could not overcome.

In their message, the family of the influencer reflected on their profound sense of loss due to the untimely passing of the 33-year-old. “The overwhelming anguish of losing someone so young, a mere 33 years of age, and so full of radiance, is beyond words,” the statement continued. “Our hearts are shattered, and the immeasurable yearning we will experience is beyond description.”

The statement proceeded to capture the “legacy of affection, delight, and determination” that Borges has left behind, encapsulating her persona. The family went on to depict her vibrant character, noting, “Renowned for her captivating persona, she had an innate ability to bring smiles to those around her. Her mere presence illuminated any setting, and her infectious vitality was cherished by everyone fortunate enough to cross paths with her.”

Praising her unwavering work ethic, Borges’ family continued, “Beyond her engaging character, Larissa was also a committed and diligent individual. She valiantly fought for her life, confronting the array of challenges that a resolute, warrior-like woman faces – all without a hint of complaint.”

The statement concluded by addressing the “vacuum” that Borges’ departure has created in the hearts of her family. It also mentioned that additional details regarding her passing would be shared in due course. “May her soul find serenity, and may her memory forever be cherished with fondness and gratitude,” expressed Borges’ Brazilian family. “We kindly ask for patience as we finalize arrangements for the funeral, details of which shall be forthcoming.”

The Instagram post accompanying the statement carried the poignant caption: “Our beloved daughter, step forward with the blessings of God.”

Current reports indicate that the Gramado Civil Police will launch a probe into the circumstances surrounding Borges’ passing. In an interview with Brazilian media outlet G1, Delegate Gustavo Barcellos disclosed that the investigation will commence once the autopsy results are available. Barcellos mentioned the possibility of alcohol and “narcotic substances” being involved in Borges’ demise.

“Investigations are ongoing regarding potential consumption of narcotic substances, possibly in conjunction with alcohol,” summarized Barcellos for the news outlet. “Post-mortem examinations have been conducted to ascertain the presence of substances she may have ingested. We have already interviewed her boyfriend, who was with her, and we are diligently pursuing this case.”

With a substantial Instagram following of over 30,000, Borges was revered for sharing insights into her fitness routines, daily life in Brazil, and her escapades. A mere week before her demise, she posted an image of herself skiing in Gramado, accompanied by the caption: “I continue to believe in tomorrow.”

Subsequent to relaying news of her passing on Instagram, Borges’ family uploaded a video capturing her visit to Pernambuco, Brazil, in 2021. The accompanying caption aptly noted, “She embraced all that God bestowed upon her.”

Within the comments section of the video, countless admirers conveyed their condolences to Borges’ family, alongside candid reflections on their personal grief following the influencer’s passing.

“Forever in our hearts,” wrote one, as another added, “Rest in peace, Lari. My heartfelt condolences to the entire family.”