Mike Pence Age, Wife, Children

Mike Pence, a former U.S. congressman and governor of Indiana, gained prominence as he was elected as the vice president of the United States alongside President Donald Trump in 2016.

His journey in politics has been marked by his role in radio and television talk shows in the 1990s, multiple attempts at congressional seats, and eventual successes that led him to key positions in the Republican party.

Mike Pence Age

Mike Pence is currently 63 years old. He was born on June 7, 1959, and his journey through American politics reflects his years of experience and dedication.

Mike Pence Wife

Karen Batten is the wife of Mike Pence. The couple tied the knot in 1985, and their enduring partnership has been a supportive foundation throughout Pence’s political career.

Mike Pence Children

Mike Pence and Karen Batten are proud parents to three children. Their family includes Audrey Pence, Charlotte Pence Bond, and Michael Pence. This close-knit family has shared the journey of Pence’s political ventures, offering him unwavering support along the way.

Mike Pence’s life story encompasses his rise from hosting conservative radio and television talk shows to becoming an influential political figure in the United States. His age, wife, and children reflect the personal aspects that have shaped him alongside his political accomplishments.