Martha Maccallum Husband: Is Martha Maccallum Married?

Martha Maccallum
Martha Maccallum

Martha MacCallum is an accomplished American journalist and Fox News host who is happily married to Daniel John Gregory. Their love story is a tale of enduring partnership and shared aspirations.

Who is Martha Maccallum Married to?

Martha MacCallum is married to Daniel John Gregory, the have been married for more than 25years.

Martha MacCallum and Daniel John Gregory exchanged vows in a beautiful wedding ceremony at St. Elizabeth’s Church on August 23, 1992. Rev. Joseph Fitzpatrick officiated the event, marking the beginning of their journey filled with love and commitment.

Martha MacCallum is a prominent Fox News anchor and political commentator. Her show “The Story with Martha MacCallum” highlights her distinction in journalism. Daniel John Gregory is a graduate of Villanova University and former Vice President of Gregory Packaging Inc. He is a supportive partner to Martha and a loving father to their three children.

Over 25 years, Martha and Daniel’s enduring partnership has been nurtured by love and parenthood. They have raised three children – Elizabeth, Reed, and Harry – in New Jersey, showcasing a harmonious blend of personal and professional pursuits.

Beyond her personal life, Martha MacCallum excels in journalism. Her net worth of $23 million and annual salary of $7 million reflect her impact on news broadcasting. Her career is a testament to decades of journalistic excellence.