Martha MacCallum children, Meet Her 3 kids

Martha Bowes MacCallum, a prominent American conservative journalist, was born on January 31, 1964.

Known for her contributions to the world of journalism, she has become a household name, particularly as the Manhattan-based host of the widely acclaimed show, The Story with Martha MacCallum.

Her journey in the media industry has been marked by significant accomplishments and compelling interviews with influential figures. Let’s get to know more about her and her role as a mom to three kids.

Martha MacCallum children, Meet Her 3 kids

Back in 1992, Martha married Dan Gregory, and their wedding happened at St. Elizabeth Church in Manhattan on August 22. Since then, they’ve become parents to three wonderful children.

Martha’s first child is Edward Reed Gregory. While we don’t know much about him, growing up in a family that values learning and doing your best surely means he’s got a bright future ahead.

Next up is Elizabeth Bowes Gregory. Just like her mom, Elizabeth seems to have a strong character and big dreams. She’s on her own path, and though we don’t know all the details, it’s clear she’s got a supportive family behind her.

The youngest of the bunch is Harry MacCallum Gregory. Carrying a name that holds family history, Harry is set to take on whatever comes his way.

While we don’t have all the info about him, we know he’s growing up with parents who care about tradition and new ideas.