Jim Cantore Wife: Is Jim Cantore Married?

Jim Cantore Wife: Is Jim Cantore Married?
Jim Cantore

Jim Cantore is a native of Beacon Falls, Connecticut, who was raised in White River Junction, Vermont. He graduated from Lyndon State College in 1986 and joined The Weather Channel as his first job out of college.

Cantore has become one of the most well-known meteorologists on television. He is known for his ability to “break down” complicated weather events into terms that the average viewer can understand. He is also often selected to report on severe weather events, which has made him a recognizable figure.

In fact, viewers’ association of Cantore’s presence with incoming or in-progress severe weather events became so strong that The Weather Channel lampooned it in a one-minute 2011 commercial spot. In the commercial, Cantore goes on a beach vacation, but his presence panics nearby beachgoers and locals who take it as an ominous sign.

Cantore’s passion for weather and his ability to communicate it clearly to the public have made him a household name. He is a valuable asset to The Weather Channel and to the millions of people who rely on him for weather information.

Jim Cantore Wife: Is Jim Cantore Married?

Jim Cantore was married to Tamra Cantore (née Zinn) from 1990 to 2009. They have two children together, a son named Ben and a daughter named Lily. Jim and Tamra met in college and got married after Jim got his first job at The Weather Channel. They divorced in 2009 after 19 years of marriage.

Jim is currently dating Andrea Butera, a producer at The Weather Channel. They have been together since 2011.