Is Brooklyn Ross A Man, Woman Or Transgender?

Brooklyn Ross, a transgender woman, is set to compete in the women’s singles category of the Wyoming Governor’s Cup.

Ross transitioned six years ago and has competed with women in college tournaments since 2019. She recently completed a tennis season with a Texas college.

Despite a positive experience thus far, her participation in the Governor’s Cup has become a topic of debate.

Some people have argued that Ross has an unfair advantage over cisgender female athletes. Others have defended Ross’s right to compete, arguing that she is simply a woman who wants to play tennis.

Jackie Fulkrod, the president of the Cheyenne Tennis Association, resigned in protest over the decision to allow Ross to compete. Fulkrod expressed concern about the matchup and the potential impact on female athletes.

She also said that having a transgender athlete in the women’s draw goes against her personal integrity and values.

Ross has defended her right to compete, saying that she is simply a woman who wants to play tennis. She has also encouraged her critics to watch the competition and see her as a real example of inclusion and representation for trans athletes.

The tournament director, Peg Connor, from the Wyoming Tennis Association, did not disclose who made the decision to allow Ross to compete.

The Governor’s Cup tournament falls under the oversight of the United States Tennis Association (USTA), which promotes inclusivity and states that tennis is open to all, regardless of age, ethnicity, race, religious background, sexual orientation, or gender identity