How to Contact Jesse Watters: What is Jesse Watters’ Text Number?

Jesse Watters has emerged as a prominent figure at Fox News, captivating audiences through his hosting roles on shows like The Five and Watters’ World, as well as his bestselling book.

With a knack for expressing strong viewpoints, Watters has garnered a global following.

This article provides various avenues to connect with the influential media personality, offering methods ranging from social media to traditional mail to personal interactions.

How to Contact Jesse Watters: What is Jesse Watters’ Text Number?

If you’re eager to reach out to Jesse Watters and share your thoughts, opinions, or concerns, there are several ways to get in touch with him.

1. Call or Text Jesse Watters

One of the highlights of Watters’ show is when he shares engaging texts, often including humorous messages from his mother who frequently disagrees with his provocative commentary.

To join the conversation, you can call or text Jesse Watters at (929) 286-7479. Whether you have a fiery opinion to express or simply wish to engage in a friendly chat, this number is your direct line to the journalist.

2. Email Jesse Watters

For a more formal approach, you can email Jesse Watters at

Occasionally, he even reads these emails on the air, allowing you to potentially have your voice heard by a wide audience.

3. Connect via Social Media

Engage with Jesse Watters on social media platforms. Message him on Instagram @JesseWatters or interact with him through his official Facebook page.

Social media provides a casual yet effective way to share your thoughts directly.

4. Network Contact

You can also contact Jesse Watters through the Fox News network. Reach out by emailing or sending mail to Fox News at 1211 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10036.

This method ensures that your communication reaches the larger network, increasing the chances of engagement.

5. On-Air Interaction

Watters occasionally features messages from viewers on his program.

While he may not be able to respond to every message due to the high volume he receives, there is still a possibility that your input could be showcased on-air.

Connecting with Jesse Watters offers a unique opportunity to share your opinions and engage in a meaningful dialogue.

Choose the method that suits you best and make your voice heard in the realm of media commentary.