How to cancel planet fitness membership

how to cancel planet fitness membership
how to cancel planet fitness membership

Planet Fitness, with its numerous branches across North America, offers a convenient option for fitness enthusiasts. However, circumstances may arise where a current customer needs to cancel their Planet Fitness membership.

We will explore the two primary methods to cancel a membership – in person and via mail.

How To Cancel a Planet Fitness Membership in Person

  1. Visit Your Home Planet Fitness Location

To cancel your Planet Fitness membership in person, head to your designated home gym – the location you listed as your preferred gym when signing up. Inform the front desk staff about your intention to cancel, and they will provide you with a cancellation form to fill out.

Benefits of Planet Fitness Black

If you hold a Planet Fitness Black membership, you have the advantage of working out at any Planet Fitness gym across the continent. For instance, even if your home gym is in Oklahoma, you can use your membership at a nearby club while vacationing in Mexico.

Canceling When Away from Your Home Gym

Remember that you can only cancel your membership at your home gym, where you initially signed up. Even if you have your membership information available at another gym due to relocation or other reasons, the original gym remains your “home gym.” So, in-person membership cancellations are only valid at the gym of your first choice.

Cancel Your Planet Fitness Membership via Mail

If visiting your home gym is not feasible, you can still cancel your Planet Fitness membership through the mail. Write a letter stating your desire to cancel, including your name, address, phone number, and membership ID number. It is advisable to send the letter via certified mail to ensure secure delivery and receive electronic confirmation.

Unable to Cancel Your Planet Fitness Membership Online

Unfortunately, Planet Fitness memberships cannot be canceled via email or the website. While signing up for a membership is hassle-free online, canceling requires either an in-person visit or a certified mail letter.

Final Take

While gym memberships offer several benefits, there are times when canceling becomes necessary due to financial constraints or changing workout preferences. If you find yourself needing to cancel your Planet Fitness membership, follow the steps outlined in this guide. It may be a great opportunity to explore alternative fitness options that suit your current needs and goals.