Georgia Hassarati Age, Husband, Children & Perfect Match

Let’s dive into the exciting world of Georgia Hassarati, an Australian star who’s made a name for herself in reality TV, social media, and modeling.

You might remember her from “Too Hot To Handle,” Season 3, but there’s more to her story. We’ll uncover her age, her quest for love on a new reality show, and other interesting bits about her life.

Georgia Hassarati Age

Born on December 5, 1996, in Brisbane, Australia, Georgia is now 26 years old as of 2023. Her vibrant spirit and zest for life shine through in all that she does.

Georgia Hassarati Husband

Georgia’s love life is a bit of a mystery. She hasn’t shared much about her past relationships or any current partner.

Rumors linked her to Harry Jowsey, her co-star from “Too Hot To Handle,” Season 3. But whether sparks flew or not, Georgia is keeping her romantic life under wraps.

These days, she’s on a new journey to find love on the show “Perfect Match,” where anything’s possible.

Georgia Hassarati Children

As of now, Georgia isn’t a parent. She’s focusing on her own dreams and goals, leaving the door open for family life down the road.

Georgia Hassarati Perfect Match

Georgia’s latest adventure takes place on Netflix’s “Perfect Match,” which premiered on February 14th. In this show, she joins a cast of reality TV favorites like Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere from “Selling Tampa,” Calvin Crooks from “The Circle” Season 3, and more.

The show is packed with 12 episodes that unfold over three exciting weeks, giving viewers a front-row seat to Georgia’s quest for love.

In the world of Georgia Hassarati, age is just a number, love is a mystery waiting to be solved, and every twist and turn makes for an unforgettable story. Stay tuned as this vibrant star continues to light up screens and hearts alike.