Evan Gershkovich Age, Wife, Parents, Siblings

Evan Gershkovich Age, Wife, Parents, Siblings
Evan Gershkovich

Evan Gershkovich is an American journalist who has been detained in Russia on spying charges since March 2023.

He is the first American journalist to be arrested on such charges since the Cold War.

Gershkovich is a reporter for The Wall Street Journal.

He was arrested in the city of Yekaterinburg while on assignment to cover the Russian mercenary military organization Wagner.

The Russian government has accused Gershkovich of gathering classified information about the Wagner group and passing it to the United States.

Gershkovich and The Wall Street Journal have denied the charges.

Gershkovich is being held in Moscow’s Lefortovo prison, a notorious facility known for its harsh conditions.

He has been denied access to a lawyer and has not been allowed to speak to his family or friends.

Evan Gershkovich, Source: Google Search
Evan Gershkovich, Source: Google Search

The United States has called for Gershkovich’s immediate release.

The State Department has said that he is being “wrongfully detained” and that the charges against him are “baseless.”

Gershkovich is a native of New York City.

He graduated from Princeton University and Bowdoin College.

Gershkovich began his career as a reporter for The New York Times.

He then worked for The Moscow Times and Agence France-Presse before joining The Wall Street Journal in 2022.

Evan Gershkovich Age

Evan Gershkovich was born on the 26th of October, 1991 in New York City, United States.

He is presently 31 years old.

Evan Gershkovich Wife

Evan Gershkovich is married to Anya Kuznetsova.

Anya is a Russian citizen.

They do not have any children currently.

Evan Gershkovich Parents

Evan Gershkovich’s parents are still alive and kicking.

The name of the man who brought him into the world is Mikhail Gershkovich and the woman is Ella Gershkovich.

Evan Gershkovich Siblings

Evan Gershkovich Gillis has not publicly disclosed any information about his siblings.

Therefore, it is unknown whether he has any siblings or is an only child.