Eddie Boden, Distinguished Labour Statesman, Remembered

Eddie Boden, Distinguished Labour Statesman, Remembered

A somber note of farewell resonates as tributes pour in for the late Eddie Boden, a steadfast figure within the Labour Party, who peacefully passed away at the age of 83. His departure leaves a palpable void, given his enduring contributions to the political landscape.

Eddie Boden embarked on his political journey when he secured his initial election to the Newcastle Borough Council in 1986. Over the ensuing years, he navigated a spectrum of pivotal roles within the authority, including but not limited to, the esteemed positions of leader and mayor. A stalwart Labour supporter, his presence was deeply felt and his influence widely recognized.

The extent of his civic dedication extended beyond the borough’s confines. In 1993, Eddie Boden triumphantly clinched a seat on the Staffordshire County Council, thereby amplifying his service. An apex of his tenure arrived when he assumed the mantle of authority as chairman from 2003 to 2005. Throughout this trajectory, his indomitable commitment earned him the status of a cherished fatherly figure among his political peers.

From within the heart of the Labour Party, a spokesperson articulated the collective sorrow that has been cast by Eddie’s departure: “With heavy hearts, we mourn the passing of Eddie. He embodied the very essence of grassroots Labour politics over many decades. Whether at the helm of the council, adorned with the mayoral sash, or steering the county council’s ship, Eddie’s tireless endeavors consistently championed the rightful needs and aspirations of the Newcastle populace. An influential patriarch within the Labour fold, his sagacious leadership reverberates in the narratives shared by both incumbent and retired councillors alike. Eddie’s absence leaves an unfillable void. Our condolences extend to his family in this trying time.”

Fellow councillor John Williams, who shared the political trenches with Mr. Boden on the borough council, fondly recalls their association: “Eddie’s wealth of knowledge and empathetic insights greatly enriched the council’s dynamics. His unwavering faith in the Newcastle community, with a special regard for Audley, radiated his commitment to the entire borough. His engaging humor coupled with a principled approach embodied his tenure. He deftly navigated the intricacies of borough and county council politics, injecting his heart and soul into the proceedings. A gifted orator, his respect for fellow councillors, irrespective of party lines, underscored the tenor of discourse. Such values are truly irreplaceable.”

Eddie Boden, an esteemed great-grandad from Audley, bid his final farewell on August 21 at the Royal Stoke University Hospital. His journey’s conclusion shall be marked by a commemorative service at the hallowed grounds of Bradwell Crematorium. On Wednesday, September 13, at 12.40pm, a moment of reflection and remembrance shall be shared by those touched by his legacy.