Chuck Lagoe Racist Video – Watch Now

Chuck Lagoe
Chuck Lagoe

Chuck Lagoe, the owner of Aspen Green Gasworks, has found himself at the center of a storm of controversy after a disturbing incident involving racism towards an Asian woman.

This incident, which took place in Great Falls, Virginia, has sparked outrage across social media platforms, as netizens on Twitter and Reddit express their condemnation.

Chuck Lagoe Racist Video

According to the victim, Chuck Lagoe forcefully hit her car, causing her head to hit the steering wheel. When she approached him to request his information, he subjected her to prejudiced and bigoted comments.

Shockingly, the entire incident was captured in a viral video where Chuck Lagoe can be seen admitting to hitting her vehicle and telling her to “speak English.” He even refused to provide insurance information, shouting, “I don’t have it!”

As the video spread like wildfire on social media, Chuck Lagoe and his business, Aspen Green Gasworks, faced a barrage of negative reviews on their Yelp page. Numerous netizens expressed their disgust and anger, leaving one or two-star reviews to show their disapproval.

Some reviews called out the racist behavior of the owner and questioned anyone who would continue to support such a person.

Despite the mounting backlash online, Chuck Lagoe remained silent on the matter, choosing not to publicly respond to the viral video and the serious accusations against him. The incident has left many wondering whether he will take responsibility for his actions and if he will compensate the woman for the damages to her car.

Aspen Green Gasworks was established in 2007 and has branches in Hernon and Arlington County. They are well-known for selling a variety of products, including gas fireplaces, wood inserts, gas logs, grills, outdoor heaters, and fireplace equipment.