Christian Broughton Biography, Age, Wife, Siblings, Parents & Net Worth

Christian Broughton Biography, Age, Wife, Siblings, Parents & Net Worth
Christian Broughton

Christian Broughton is a British journalist who has been the managing director of The Independent since October 2020.

He is a graduate of King’s College London, where he studied English literature.

Broughton began his career as a journalist at The Times, where he worked as a news reporter and feature writer.

He then moved to The Independent, where he held several positions, including sports editor, assistant editor, and digital editor.

In 2016, Broughton was appointed editor of The Independent.

He oversaw the newspaper’s transition to an online-only publication, and he also launched the “indy100” website, which is a popular news aggregation and social media platform.

Broughton is a respected journalist and editor.

He is known for his strong editorial judgment and his commitment to independent journalism.

He is also a talented writer and communicator.

Christian Broughton Age

Christian Broughton was born in 1978.

He is presently 45 years old.

Christian Broughton Wife

Christian Broughton is married to Rachel Broughton.

They have three children together.

Christian Broughton Siblings

Christian Broughton has one sibling, a brother named James.

Christian Broughton Parents

Christian Broughton’s parents are David Broughton and Gillian Broughton.

David is a retired businessman, and Gillian is a retired teacher.

Christian Broughton Net Worth

Christian Broughton’s net worth is estimated to be £2 million.

His wealth comes from his career as a journalist and editor.

Broughton is a successful and well-respected journalist, and he has earned a good living from his work.

In addition to his salary, Broughton also earns money from speaking engagements and book deals.

He is a frequent speaker at journalism conferences, and he has also written several books about journalism.

Broughton is a wealthy man, but he is also a generous philanthropist.

He has donated money to several charities, including the British Red Cross and the Save the Children Fund.