Are Orla Guerin and Veronica Guerin Related? Orla Guerin Sister

Orla Guerin
Orla Guerin

Orla Guerin and Veronica Guerin are two of the most well-known journalists in Ireland, but they are not related.

Orla Guerin is a Senior International correspondent for BBC News, while Veronica Guerin was a prominent investigative journalist who was murdered in 1996.

Despite their shared surname, Orla and Veronica come from different family backgrounds.

Orla is seven years younger than Veronica and was born in Dublin. She began her career in journalism working for various newspapers in Dublin before joining RTE News in 1987.

She gained recognition as the youngest foreign correspondent when she was sent to Eastern Europe in 1990.

Guerin reported from various war-torn regions and won a Jacob’s Award in 1992. She joined the BBC in 1995 and became the corporation’s Southern Europe correspondent in 1996.

Veronica Guerin, on the other hand, was born in 1959 and was married to Graham Turley. She was not only a journalist but also an accountant. She completed her education at Trinity College, Dublin.

Veronica Guerin gained fame as a columnist for the Sunday Independent, writing about crime and corruption. Tragically, she was shot and killed by drug lords in 1996.

The news of Veronica Guerin’s death made headlines in Ireland the following year. Despite the similarities in their names, identities, and professions, Orla Guerin and the late Veronica Guerin are not related.

So, who is Orla Guerin’s sister?

Orla Guerin has never shared much about her family life and prefers keeping her family matters away from media sources. Therefore, there is nothing much to share about Guerin’s siblings.

Is there any confusion about their relationship?

Yes, there is some confusion about the relationship between Orla and Veronica Guerin. This is due to the similarities in their names, identities, and professions. However, it is important to note that they are not related.