Are Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick Still Together?


Los Angeles, CA – The romance between reality TV stars Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick has come to a poignant end.

The couple, once deeply engaged, made the announcement of their breakup via a heartfelt Instagram post on a Sunday, marking the conclusion of their cherished relationship.

A Farewell Filled with Respect and Gratitude: Taking a considerate approach, Bristowe, and Tartick revealed their decision to family and close friends before sharing it with their followers.

Their joint statement commenced, “After careful consideration and with heavy hearts, we wish to share the news of our engagement coming to an end. We appreciate the patience and space you’ve given us as we navigate this life-changing decision amidst a whirlwind of emotions and adjustments.”

The couple extended their thoughts to their shared pets, stating, “Our beloved dogs, Ramen & Pinot, will continue to be nurtured together like brothers. Though our romantic journey has concluded, our commitment to their well-being remains united.”

In a display of maturity, Bristowe and Tartick emphasized the importance of maintaining a strong friendship. While bidding a bittersweet farewell, they conveyed their mutual respect and fondness. “The goodbye is painful and somber, but the care and admiration we hold for each other will remain eternally intact.”

Closing their statement, Bristowe and Tartick expressed heartfelt gratitude for the shared memories and the unwavering support extended by fans and well-wishers over the years. They acknowledged that moving forward, the bond of support will remain unbroken. The future holds uncertainties, and they appealed to their followers to hold a space for them in their hearts.

Through their respective Instagram Stories, both Bristowe and Tartick posted pictures from their time together, accompanied by a plea for empathy from their social media followers.

Speculation about their relationship arose earlier in the year when observant fans noticed a lack of joint posts on their social media platforms. The absence of recent photos of the couple led to speculation about their status. Bristowe’s final appearance on Tartick’s Instagram was on June 19, and Tartick’s last appearance on Bristowe’s account was on July 6.

Amidst mounting rumors, Bristowe momentarily shared her thoughts via an Instagram Story in late July, expressing her need for space and understanding. She candidly voiced her concern about the impact of fans’ comments on her emotional state.

Bristowe took to her feed to share lyrics from her song “If I’m Being Honest,” a deeply personal track released in 2020. The lyrics poignantly conveyed her vulnerability and the challenges she faced.

Their love story began in late 2018, a year after Bristowe’s split from Shawn Booth. Tartick, previously seen on “The Bachelorette,” shared their budding connection in early 2019. Their journey led to an engagement in May 2021, but life’s twists ultimately led them to a separate path.