90 Day Fiancé: Will Brandan & Mary Break Up? (Did Brandan Really Cheat?)

Will Brandan & Mary Break
Will Brandan & Mary Break

The latest season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way brings forth the captivating yet turbulent relationship of Brandan DeNuccio and Mary Demasu-ay.

Despite having only aired two episodes, the couple has already shown signs of potential splits due to deep-rooted trust issues.

This article explores the intricate details of their long-distance romance, the challenges they face, and the uncertainties that lie ahead.

Will Brandan & Mary Break Up in 90 Day Fiancé?

Brandan, a 23-year-old from Eugene, Oregon, found love with Mary, also 23, hailing from Candoni, Philippines. Both have endured challenging childhoods, scarred by past experiences of infidelity, leading to significant trust issues that continue to haunt their relationship.

90 Day Fiancé
90 Day Fiancé

Having spent two years in a long-distance relationship, Brandan and Mary maintained their closeness through daily FaceTime sessions.

Their commitment to each other is symbolized by the tattoos of Brandan’s name adorning Mary’s body, a testament to their deep affection despite the distance. They also exchanged personal items, such as sweaty t-shirts, yearning for the essence of each other while awaiting their physical meeting.

Brandan and Mary’s aspirations led them to embark on constructing a home in the Philippines, following the destruction of Mary’s previous residence due to a typhoon. Brandan devoted his hard-earned money to support Mary and the new home, but this dedication has taken a toll on his financial stability, leaving him with minimal funds. Despite the strain on his finances, Brandan remains optimistic about their bond and trusts that Mary will not take advantage of his generosity.

As the couple’s story unfolds, trust issues and insecurities emerge as significant challenges. Mary, with a history of being lied to, occasionally deceives Brandan during their video calls, leading to moments of jealousy and tension. Her discomfort with Brandan being around other women causes friction, and she disapproves of him visiting his own family.

Brandan’s decision to relocate to the Philippines to be with Mary showcases his unwavering commitment.

However, her insecurities and controlling behavior, as seen during his flight to Manila, add further complexity to their relationship. Brandan questions if he can endure such doubts and uncertainties, leading to doubts about the success of their future together.

Brandan DeNuccio and Mary Demasu-ay’s love story is a rollercoaster of emotions, filled with passion, challenges, and the uncertainty of trust. As they continue their journey on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, the world watches with bated breath, hoping that love will triumph over their obstacles. Only time will reveal if Brandan’s leap of faith to the Philippines will solidify their bond or unravel the delicate threads of their love.